TURI is an established creator and fine jewelry manufacturer of women's jewelry in 18kt gold and platinum. Our goal has always been to offer a selection that is fashionable, elegant and timeless, using the finest materials and superlative workmanship. At TURI we take great pleasure in working with a product that exalts beauty, presents us with an opportunity to be a part of significant and memorable moments in peoples' lives, and gives lasting pleasure and  happiness to everyone involved.

TURI was founded in 1947 by Charles Turi, a Hungarian immigrant who returned to the United States after serving in the American Army for 4 years. He set the company on its course by parlaying his extensive contacts in Europe into a new design approach to offer the American fine jewelry consumer. His sense of classical style and commitment to 18kt and platinum jewelry quickly established the TURI line as an important supplier to the finest retail establishment throughout the country. To this day the TURI line is looked to as a standard of fine taste and superior quality.

The TURI collection offers women necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and pins using a variety of different accents to work around their wardrobe. All TURI jewelry use only 18kt gold and platinum and collections are available incorporating the fine quality diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls into tailored and versatile suites. The strength and durability of our designs offer aTURI customer the opportunity to build a collection over time, or to mix and match from a variety of different collections.

All of TURI jewelry is manufactured in the United States in New York where over 30 designers, model makers and jewelers work together in one facility. This concentration of talent allows us to meticulously control every aspect of design execution and quality in the development and production process. It also assures the TURI customer that and service or special order requirements will be handled promptly by the same skilled craftsman who fabricated the original piece

Charles Turi Jewelery Co.
18 East 48TH Street
NY, New York 10017-1014

Tel: 212.355.5005
Tel: 800.223.2432
Fax: 212.5009

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